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"In Diplomacy, your victory is not given by swords, but by words. And it is your tongue what will have to be sharp, not your weapon."

What is Diplomacy?

Diplomacy is a strategy game in which you have to negotiate with other players in order to control Europe. All players take turns to secretly talk with one another and try to make alliances. After the negotiation phase, players decide their token movements. All movements are executed concurrently.

What is DipGame?

DipGame is the site of the Multiagent Systems' testbed developed at the IIIA-CSIC in Barcelona. Apart from entertaining human players, the goal of the site is to allow Artificial Intelligence researchers to test their models by implementing them into a bot. This site also provides the software tools needed to develop such bots.


Visit dipGame, a testbed for multiagent systems, at

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